How To Choose The Best Survival Shovel – Some Hints And Tips

One of the most useful pieces of equipment that any prepper can own is a survival shovel – however, a good shovel of this type is also great for anyone who spends extended period s outdoors. A great survival shovel can mean the difference between copy with the unexpected and being at the mercy of the elements – or falling prey to other dangers.

But how does one go about choosing the best survival shovel? Here are some hints and tips.

Best Survival Shovel

Firstly make sure that your survival shovel is fit for purpose. If it is going to be carried for extended distances it needs to be lightweight, will you using it for major digging projects – then a shovel with a longer handle is ideal, a sharp blade will also help to cut through roots and other organic material.

Plastic shovels may seem like an ideal solution in terms of weight – but they are to be avoided. They tend to break extremely easily. Your best bet is to purchase a shovel made with steel or aluminum. High carbon steel shovels are immensely tough but require a coating of oxide paint to prevent corrosion – and that will have to renewed regularly as it tends to chip. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant but fairly heavy. A good compromise is aluminum. It isn’t as strong as steel – but it is very lightweight.

Folding shovels are very popular due to the fact that they take up less space than a standard model, but handles tend to be short. An alternative is a shovel that has a handle that can be screwed together.

The type of blade is also important. Some of the best survival shovels have serrated blade edges which can be useful when dealing with roots.

Do your research and always take into account the conditions you will be facing. For instance, flat blades are great for digging in the snow (as are wide) and narrow blades can help when pitching a tent or digging a firepit. Make sure that your survival shovel meets your unique requirements.