The Best Ash Vacuum

Are you shopping for the best ash vacuum on the market? If so, you have come to the right place. Removing the ash from your fireplace or pellet stove is one of the messiest household chores. It’s not only messy but dangerous at times. Cleaning ash from a fireplace is a time-consuming and dirty job that makes people inhale ash and results in lung problems over time.  If you are interested in buying a new vacuum, visit That’s where an ash vacuum comes in handy. An ash vacuum is specially designed to handle the fine particles of ash without causing any mess, danger, or health hazard in the process. Here are some of the best ash vacuums on the market today.

PowerSmith PAVC101 Ash Vacuum

This is one of the most versatile vacuums on the market today with a powerful 10-amp motor and a 16ft power cord. It is designed to handle warm as well as cold ash in the fireplace, pellet stove, or an old-fashioned oven. The product comes with a heat-resistant metal canister, metal hose, and a heat-resistant outer layer to handle hot ash up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The vacuum also has a two-layer filter system such as an outer layer and inner layer which are heat-resistant and ideal to trap the finer ash and dust. It has a 3-gallon capacity and wheels to move conveniently when cleaning the house.

Snow Joe ASHJ201 Ash Vacuum

This is a compact ash vacuum that could be conveniently carried around with the handle. But it has a storage capacity of 4.8 gallons. The dual filtration system includes a coarse dust pre-filter as well as a filter for finer ashes. They work together in order to minimize blowbacks during the cleaning process. You can easily use this ash vacuum due to its bagless design.

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