BlueSnap is a company that provides an All-In-One Payment Platform for merchants that offers a way to lower costs and maximize sales. This platform supports both mobile and online sales, subscriptions, marketplaces, manual orders, and invoices through an easy-to-use virtual terminal. With only a single-integration required to the Platform, merchants from all over the world can now accept payments with ease.

How To Integrate With BlueSnap

BlueSnap offers flexible integration solutions designed to work with mobile and the web. For merchants that are building apps or customized payment pages, they can make use of BlueSnap’s APIs, a hosted payment page, or a hosted payment field. With access to integrations that include over 100 shopping carts or platforms, merchants find it an easy task to process payments immediately.

How Long Does It Take To Integrate With BlueSnap

The integration will vary according to the integration type chosen. For instance, a hosted page involves no to very little development time. On the other hand, APIs, usually rely on the skills and experience of a developer which could mean integration will take a few hours or a few days.

Can BlueSnap Be Used With eCommerce Platforms?

BlueSnap integrates with all major eCommerce platforms. The company also regularly adds to the list of Integration Partners.

Global Capabilities

At this stage, BlueSnap supports more than 100 currencies. This platform also supports more than 29 languages, making it easier for shoppers.

Do Merchants Need a PayPal Account To Accept PayPal Payments Through BlueSnap?

For merchants that offer PayPal as one of the payment options for their shoppers, they are required to have either a PayPal Premier account or a PayPal Business account.

From Saas to retail to education, the BlueSnap platform is the ideal choice for many businesses from across the globe, to enhance payment processing.